Deposits and Making a Reservation

No up-front deposit is required, only a valid credit or debit card is needed for making and Holding a reservation.  No amount is being charged to the customerís credit / debit Card at this time, this is for holding the reservation only.  If paying by credit / debit card, Customer will not be charged until 3 days  prior to the reservation date. If paying by Cash or money order, the amount will be due 10 days prier the reservation date.                              {Corporations & Business Travel}

Corporate Billing can be arranged.Please call our reservation Office to set up an account.


Additional Charges

Tolls, parking fees, phone usage, un-reserved overtime, travel and other surcharges that cannot be calculated prior to service are not included in the estimate. 20% gratuity not included in advertised rates.

Any un-reserved overtime charges are as follow:

1/2 hour over (10 min. to 30 min.)

Sedans $65.00 8 & 10 pass. Limousines $95.00

1 hour over (31 min. to 60 min.)

Sedans $65.00 8 & 10 pass. Limousines $95.00

Overtime charges do not include gratuity

Alcohol & Narcotics Policy

Any alcoholic beverages used at the time of service must be purchased by the customer and kept inside the coach area of the limousine at all times.  Indianapolis-Connection does not supply alcoholic beverages to its customerís. {Use of narcotics is strictly prohibited.}

Alcohol & Under 21 Years of Age

No alcoholic beverages shall be used before or during services of Indianapolis-Connection by any person under the age of 21. Indianapolis-Connection will not be held liable for the actions of customers who do serve minors while retaining the services of the company, agent or employees. The driver reserves the right to check identification at any time during services if underage alcohol consumption is suspected. The driver also reserves the right to refuse its services to anyone under the age of 21 if he/she is suspected of alcohol consumption

Smoking Policy

Indianapolis-Connection does not allow smoking in any of its limousine fleet.


Cancellation and Changes

To cancel or change reservations please call (317) 414-5268. Customer agrees upon confirmation of reservation (telephone or online) that a minimum fee will apply for any cancellation and assessed to the customers credit card on file unless other arrangements are made.  If the party cancels within the 24 hour period of the job start time, the said party shall  forfeit the full amount of the job. If Indianapolis-Connection for any reason beyond its control is  not be able to perform the full job; the customer needs only to pay for the time of the job that has been completed.  If the credit card has already been charged the customer will be reimbursed for the half that was not completed.


Cancellation fees are as follows:

Limousines $ 95.00  Corporate, Business & Airport $125.00   Special Occasions, All Others $250.00 Weddings  $350.00 New Years Eve/Sedans $100.00


Customer hereby waives any and all claims against Indianapolis-Connection, or any agent or employee of company for injury, loss or damage, including consequential damages, to customerís person or property from whatever cause and however occurring, unless the same shall be caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of company or its agents or employeeís. Customer is responsible for all actions, including the actions of your party. Any disorderly conduct will be considered a breach of this contract and the entire party may be dropped off at the driverís discretion. Customer is responsible for any and all damages. Customer agrees to a minimum $150.00 charge that will be assessed to the customerís credit card (unless other arrangements are made) for cleaning due to spills, smoking or any damages, etc. Customer hereby agrees immediately upon demand to reimburse Indianapolis-Connection in full for any and all damages or injury to any company agent or employee, or to any vehicle or property of the company, which is caused by the customer or customerís party. A detailed list of any damages along with cost will be provided to the customer.


*Customer agrees to above terms of hire


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